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  • "I was referred to Leatherneck Investigations by a friend. Since the very first moment, I got the impression that the voice over the phone was not only professional and reliable, but also human, patient and compassionate with a woman that was just trying to put a puzzle together, unveil the truth and protect her daughter. It did not take more than a few hours for them to start producing results. I was amazed at Cody's talents and capabilities. My levels of anxiety were very high and even texts and phone calls were answered after midnight. Now that the crisis is over, I feel thankful for all of Leatherneck Investigations professional, moral and even emotional support to the point where I still consider Cody one of my great friends. I would highly recommend Leathernecks services to anyone needing to find out the true side of their story."

    E.H. Divorce and Child custody

  • "Leatherneck Investigations was very efficient, discreet, thorough and very reasonable in cost. I would definitely recommend them."

    Alyson L. Dallas Texas

  • "I have work with several other investigative companies in the past with little to no results so I was very apprehensive when I contacted Leatherneck Investigations. After meeting with Cody my concerns were put at ease. Cody produced results from day one and continues to do so even as my situation becomes more difficult. The results produced made a huge impact on my case and the lives of my children. I would highly recommend them."

    M.F. Houston Texas

  • "Great job. I needed to know and now I know."

    Ryan, Spring TX, Infidelity

  • They have always provided prompt and reasonably priced service. I have recommended them to other offices in need of similar services and have always been thanked for my referrals to this Investigative Services.

    Adam, Conroe TX

  • This company is very professional, prompt and thorough. They have arranged their services for me on short notice and have always done a great job. I will be using them in the future. Thanks again,

    Donna, Houston TX

  • "I had a strong feeling my husband was meeting someone outside our marriage. So I called a few places and no one returned my call. When I called Cody my call was answered" and I was asked to describe my problem, from the time I finished with what I was looking for, until I received my report I was kept up to date with news, billing, time spent on surveillance, and asked my desire was to continue or if I had a certain direction I was looking to go... I was very happy with the help I received, Turns out my husband was meeting multiple women, and he was also starting to do some things that could have affected my life in a material way. So thankfully with a little surveillance and a sit down with my soon to be ex-husband... I am less stressed, and happy knowing things were handled before they got out of control."

    “O” Housotn, TX

  • Not what I was expecting when I made the call, but now I'm glad I did, Thank You for your work!

    Cris, The Woodlands TX