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    Leatherneck Investigations is a full service investigations and security agency serving the State of Texas and Gulf Coast region.

    The Woodlands, Texas Private Investigators

    The Woodlands, Texas Private Investigators

    Leatherneck Investigations agents have the required training and certifications to provide unarmed and armed security. We maintain a standard of being proficient with concealed handguns and hold the required training of being able to bare Shotguns and Assault Rifles.

    • Do You Suspect Insurance Fraud & Require Insurance Surveillance for Investigations?

      My worker quit and is now claiming a work injury how can we prove he is not injured?

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    • Leatherneck Investigations utilizes professional and experienced private investigators to conduct fraud investigations of these types with an extremely high success rate for over 20 years.

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    • Leatherneck Investigation's highly trained group of Texas Private Detectives and investigators have a very high success rate when handling child custody investigations.

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    • Countermeasures are a defense technique designed to detect, prevent or expose the use of electronic audio or visual surveillance devices, also known as 'bugs'.

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    • According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011, violence andother injuries caused by persons or animals contributed to 17% of all occupational fatalities, with homicides contributing to 10% of the total.

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    • GPS investigations are most often used when you want to find out where your spouse, child, employee, or vehicle goes when you are not present.

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  • Why should you hire Leatherneck Investigations?

  • Whether you are currently involved in a divorce or child custody case, hiring a private investigator might be the difference between failure and success. A private detective is a professional at gathering facts that are admissible in court – which hold up during interrogation, rather than hearsay or innuendo. He or she will gather documents and witnesses that your spouse is in the wrong.

    Hiring a private detective, while many people will consider instigating an investigation when infidelity is concerned, it can also be effective in child custody cases for visitation rights, discovering abuse, contempt cases, establishing that your spouse is hiding property or finances and determining the truth about assets, income and employment.

    Private investigators are beneficial in discovering hidden assets because they have access to select databases and records – records that the average individual cannot find. While you may know about bank accounts with your name attached, an investigator may find your spouse has multiple accounts with hidden money and chances are an investigator can find this out much more efficiently than an individual can.

    Another common use for an investigator is in uncovering infidelity. While you may have your suspicions, a professional can act on your instincts to uncover facts. Even if you have nothing more than your own intuition, or maybe a few hotel receipts or restaurant bills, an unknown number on your phone bill or changed work hours, an investigator can discover what is really occurring and that may be critical in a custody battle.

    For individuals with children, hiring an investigator may be more of a necessity particularly if you have concerns about your spouse’s behavior towards your children, such as possible abuse or neglect. Perhaps your spouse is an alcoholic or drug user or the living conditions aren’t proper for your children. You need hard evidence to support your claim for increased or sole custody and that evidence could be very be challenging for you to secure on your own. A good private investigator can acquire this information and present it for use in court.

  • Testimonials

  • They have always provided prompt and reasonably priced service. I have recommended them to other offices in need of similar services and have always been thanked for my referrals to this Investigative Services.

    Adam, Conroe TX

  • "I have work with several other investigative companies in the past with little to no results so I was very apprehensive when I contacted Leatherneck Investigations. After meeting with Cody my concerns were put at ease. Cody produced results from day one and continues to do so even as my situation becomes more difficult. The results produced made a huge impact on my case and the lives of my children. I would highly recommend them."

    M.F. Houston Texas