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  • The Woodlands Child Custody Investigations

    Leatherneck Investigation's highly trained group of Texas Private Detectives and investigators have a very high success rate when handling child custody investigations. Leatherneck assists a client by documenting the "lifestyle" that their ex-partner is living, in turn resulting in obtaining or keeping Primary Residential Custody of the child/children.

    In a world where the divorce rate is so high, many divorces end with one parent being awarded Primary Residential Custodian by the Family Court. The courts attempt to determine which parent will make the better Primary Guardian. However, sometimes the parent awarded Primary Custody isn't necessarily the better guardian for the child/children. Often a divorcee might begin dating someone and sometimes that new boyfriend/girlfriend may be determined to be a bad influence on your child's development. Worse yet, that person could be abusing your child and/or subjecting your child to situations that could jeopardize your child's safety and welfare.

    If the Judge feels a parent it not worthy of being alone with a child, the Judge will impose Supervised Visitation, which essentially means that a court appointed supervisor must be present 100% of the time when the child is with that parent. In other words, upon the drop-off until the pickup, the Supervisor must be present then entire time. Often once the child/children are dropped off for Supervised Visitation, the supervisor will leave the premises shortly thereafter. In other situations the Supervisor will permit the parent to leave the premises with the child alone. Sometimes the Parent will leave the premises without the Supervisor and allow others to care for the child while the parent is seeking personal ventures. Nevertheless, all three scenarios are direct violations of the court order. The Judge will not take your word for it, so the burden is upon you to prove it. Leatherneck Investigations can assist you in attempting to document such scenarios, and if successful, will usually result in revocation of any parental visitation for your ex-partner.

  • The Woodlands Child Custody Investigators

    These cases take time to build because enough of a "pattern" needs to be documented to convince the court that there are compelling lifestyle concerns. Therefore, it is both a financial and emotional commitment. Since so much time is needed to dramatically increase your chances of success, this is not the type of investigation that any Texas private detective can handle. The fact of the matter is that most Texas detective agencies are one-man operations; Leatherneck is not. Many private detectives and investigators will tackle Cheating Investigation because they are brief and fairly easy in nature. However, Child Custody investigations are much more complex and are longer in duration. Therefore, exposure becomes a serious reality.

    Many Texas detective companies might over-step their experience and make a mistake of handling a Child Custody Investigation alone. Within a short period of time your ex will likely detect the investigator jeopardizing your entire case. Leatherneck Investigations is not a large company, but does have a staff of professional and experienced private investigators. Therefore Leatherneck never makes the crucial mistake of following anyone with only one investigator; Leatherneck investigations always utilizes a team of expert private detectives and investigators, thus resulting in a much higher degree of success while lowering the chances of being detected.

  • The Woodlands Child Custody Private Investigators

    Do you think your ex is living a lifestyle that is not suitable for the child? Do you think your ex might be living an irresponsible lifestyle and has lost focus on true priorities? Do you suspect that your ex could be engaging in alcohol and/or drug abuse? Do you suspect that your ex has a gambling problem and or other habitual behaviors? Allow Leatherneck Investigations to investigate & attain documented evidence to strengthen your Child Custody claim within the Family Court. If you are looking for the best agency that will bring a very high chance of success from your child custody investigations, then you should call for a consultation; if you are looking for the cheapest rates then you have come to the wrong place.

    As a courtesy to those clients who retain our services we will provide you with a few attorneys in Montgomery and Harris Counties that Specialize in Child Custody matters; this is not something that your everyday divorce attorney can handle with a high degree of success.