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  • Security System: Install, Lease, and Service

    Leatherneck Investigations security partners systems provide clients with sensors and detection devices to monitor both physical and digital intrusion and loss of critical data. In addition, our remote monitoring center can provide an umbrella of protection unmatched for physical and cyber resources.


    The latest in security system technology that provides a proactive and preventative approach to protecting company physical and cyber assets.

    • Video Systems
    • Physical Access Control
    • Cloud Video & Access Storage


    State-of-the-art video monitoring, access control and intrusion detection sensors for both physical and cyber sensors provided 24/7.

    • Remote Video & Access Monitoring
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Network Forensics
    • Cloud Forensics


    When you require onsite professionals for the protection of physical and cyber assets.

    • Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)
    • Personal Protection
    • Rapid On-Site IT Security


    Leatherneck Investigations security partners offer complete installation of electronic security solutions for both physical and logical security. We work with best-in-class non-proprietary and highly secure open source providers. We do not believe in forcing our clients to use one product over another. We believe in offering the best solutions scaled to fit our clients unique needs and budget. Leatherneck Investigations security always looks for the best value for our clients, without ever compromising the security of our clients facilities. The most important installation component of security is our people, and they are simply the best.

    • Best-in-class products
    • Excellence in project management
    • Factory-trained technicians
    • Delivered on time and within budget



    Leatherneck Investigations security partners expedite highly responsive service to our clients to keep their systems functioning optimally. Quick dispatch, attentive service technicians, resolution of problems, and excellent communication are all hallmarks of Leatherneck Investigations security service. Your systems work 24/7, so a maintenance program, designed to keep your systems in operational order, is an important investment.

    • Guaranteed part replacement
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Central dispatch
    • 24/7 response



    Leatherneck partners offer in-house leasing for your security system needs. The Lease makes obtaining the best-in-class security system affordable and hassle free. The Security Leasing Program provides our client with a single monthly cost that includes:

    • Monitoring 24/7/365
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Replacement guarantee covers equipment being replaced for any reason

    Video systems allow you to obtain intelligent video images from any location and be able to view them from your smart device or laptop. All video systems are designed to allow you to take advantage of the Awareness Center which can provide 24/7/365 professional video monitoring of your site based on your specific requirements.

    Leatherneck Investigation's security partners are Texas leading experts in the installation of network-based IP video systems. Provide the installation of simple, locally recorded video systems to enterprise-class multi-campus environments with thousands of video cameras. Mass storage, management, and retrieval of video images are part of a total security solution.

    • Real time awareness of both security and process
    • Reduction of inventory theft
    • Recorded documentation of events for forensic review
    • Ability to view remote locations in real-time


    Access Control Systems from allow you to control door access from any location and to monitor and maintain access information from any smart device or laptop. We allow you the ability to add, change or remove user access credentials at any time through an easy-to-use web browser interface. Alerts based on forced doors and other unwanted intrusion events instantly notify you of security issues.

    All Access Control Systems are designed to integrate with the Awareness Center which can provide 24/7/365 monitored access control and intrusion monitoring of your site based on your specific requirements.

    We design, install and service scalable physical access control systems that integrate with net-work-based IP video systems. This integration allows for the complete control of access to a facility or office building. Video systems working in tandem with access control systems allow for better time and attendance tracking as well as simply knowing exactly who is entering and leaving the building or facility. When controlling access to restricted areas is paramount to safety, an integrated system allows for IP-based remote viewing and control from any computer or other device.

    • Real time notification of entry into your facility or critical areas
    • Employee time and attendance reports
    • Restrict access to sensitive areas
    • Custom reports that help you understand what is occurring in real time at your facility
    • Physical security devices such as gates, turnstiles, steel doors, and metal walls



    Leatherneck provides solutions for both physical and cyber based intrusion detection. Regardless if the threat is from an intrusion via the front door or from a hacker coming through the firewall, a digital intrusion can be more costly than a physical intrusion and can expose confidential client and internal communications. Leatherneck Investigations Security partners have cost effective and scalable solutions for clients looking to protect their facilities from unwanted intrusion.


    Leatherneck Investigations Security partners installs industry leading intrusion detection systems for physical security. With a focus on false alarm prevention, Our security intrusion detection systems utilize state of the art intrusion detection systems. We can also interface the intrusion detection system with the video security system for "video verification" of alarm signals. These methods allow the security command center to attempt to "verify" the alarm signal before dispatching the authorities.


    Leatherneck Investigations Security partners install managed firewalls that provide our clients with control over who is accessing there network and under what conditions. In addition the managed firewall services provides for up to date upgrades to malware and spyware tools to decrease the risk associated with today's cyber based risks. Our provided firewall products, in partnership with Untangle, a leading provider of cyber protection products for small and mid-sized networks, provides you with protection, control, and oversight that is easy to use and allows you to leverage the Awareness Center and our ability to provide 24/7/365 assistance in cyber intrusion events.


    Leatherneck Investigations Security partners command centers provide our clients with the best central station services available. Redundant centers in Austin, San Antonio, and Lafayette, Louisiana, give us an atypical level of coverage for our clients all over Texas. The command centers are Five Diamond Rated and the center in Lafayette is UL 2050, allowing us to monitor sensitive and critical government infrastructure. This level of certification is provided by only ten central stations in the United States.

    • Intrusion detection and monitoring
    • Video verification of intrusion alarms
    • Remote video "guard tours"
    • Hosted access control management
    • Forced door verification and monitoring
    • 24/7/365 Responsiveness
    • Cloud-based, secured access of stored video
    • Live remote monitoring of video, access and cyber intrusion with alerts
    • Highly-trained and measured physical response


    Cloud storage provides video and access information to you 24/7/365 via smart device or laptop. The cloud also reduces the issues associated with on-site technical failure and the costs of maintaining your own servers and associated IT infrastructure. In addition, clients no longer have to be concerned with someone simply stealing the onsite storage devices as a method to cover up a crime.Storage amounts and long term storage can be addressed on a client and site basis, allowing for truly customized solutions. The cost of such storage has dropped significantly with the ability to access mass cloud storage sites such as Amazon and Drop Box.

    Cloud storage works seamlessly with the Awareness Center so that intrusion events can verified and interfaced with local law enforcement. Verified intrusion events, are preferred by law enforcement since it reduces the number of false alarms and ensures better response.


    Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) is the process of bug sweeping and putting into place electronic security counter measures to mitigate physical listening devices. Leatherneck Investigations Security partners TSCM professionals are experts in advanced physical bug devices and will put into place measures to prevent illegal eavesdropping and invasion of privacy.

    Physical listening devices or "bugs" are often deployed in contentious situations where confidential or proprietary information is being discussed. Logistically, a physical listening device is easily deployed and difficult to detect requiring no real technical expertise. However, only a TSCM expert with advanced equipment and experience can detect and counter such devices.

    Physical listening devices are often used in boardrooms or a CEO's office where intellectual property and inside information is worth millions. These devices have also been used in high profile divorce cases where child custody and financial gain is involved. Leatherneck Investigations Security partners highly skilled TSCM experts will help you to not only detect these physical listening devices, but will also provide the ability to protect from future physical bugs.


    The Incident and Data Breach response team includes experienced digital forensic investigators so that you can properly preserve, collect and document the incident. At the same time the team can begin to develop a measured response and recovery plan. Working with the data breach response team you will be able to answer the tough questions being asked or you.

    • What was the root cause of the attack? Was it internal or external?
    • Is the attack still occurring or has it ended?
    • What data was exposed or lost? What is compromised?

    Once the crisis has been addressed and we have worked with your IT team to address the holes we can begin to move on to recovery. Leatherneck Investigations Security partners data breach investigators can help you review your entire IT security software, hardware, policies and procedures. We can also schedule regular reviews of systems and lead IT audits and vulnerability testing such as simulated phishing attacks or social engineering. Remember, you can feel comfortable that we are going to provide licensed techs that have undergone extensive background checks.