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    Leatherneck Investigations knows this is a difficult time for you. You suspect that your spouse is having an affair, you've imagined the scenarios, revisited the conversations and you've asked yourself all the questions. Now, you want concrete proof.

    We understand that the concerns about your spouse's infidelity are likely having a devastating effect on your daily life. That's why, when you call us, you will speak with a private investigator who is patient, kind, and compassionate. Leatherneck Investigations will take the time to explain every step of the process, so you can feel better and start to take control of your future.

    Leatherneck Investigations will help you stop the lies and humiliation.

    Our consultations are friendly, free, and confidential. So you can trust us to handle sensitive investigations.

    Our team will seek out the truth, while making the entire investigative process as easy as possible for you.

    Many times, we collect the proof needed to confirm an affair the first time we go out. 
    During your initial consultation, we'll help you...

    • Examine the signs leading you to believe that your spouse is cheating,
    • Inspect any evidence you have gathered, and
    • Develop a personalized plan of action.

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    Be the first to know ...not the last to find out.

    • Are you sick and tired of your partner's suspicious behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years?
    • Are you sick and tired of having your heart pounding and losing endless hours of sleep due to the sadness and uncertainty as to what is going wrong with your relationship?
    • Are you ready to find out once and for all the truth about what your partner has so recklessly been doing behind your back? Even if the truth hurts?

    11 Warning Signs of a Cheating Partner:

    1. Partner suddenly begins working later. Unaccountable time.

    2. Suddenly want to go out with "friends" or finds a new group of friends 

    3. Suddenly cares about appearance (wears cologne/perfume, working-out, new clothes) 

    4. Receiving hang-up phone calls 

    5. Hides cell phone bills, keeps cell on vibrate or hides phone, guards phone 

    6. Excessive texting, always seeming to check the phone 

    7. Accuses you of cheating or says, "It's your imagination" or you are "sick & need help" 

    8. No longer wears wedding ring. He/she says "I lost it" or "It doesn't fit" 

    9. Lack of interest in intimacy and/or introduces new sexual behavior/positions 

    10. Starts arguments just prior to leaving the house

    11. Excessive use of the computer/smart phone - constantly checking email

    Leatherneck Investigations offers accurate & professional solutions pertaining to cases involving Cheating / Infidelity.  You do not have to be married to hire our services; whether it is your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even your married lover, you are entitled to know the truth as to whether or not he/she is cheating on you.  Our agency can provide you with the answers to those questions that have been manifesting inside of you.

  • The Woodlands Infidelity Investigations

    If you suspect that there is infidelity involved, there usually is.  Everyone is born with instinct, and if your “gut” is telling you that something is wrong, there probably is.  Give yourself the Peace of Mind that you deserve; good or bad, you deserve to know the truth.  Our investigations are strictly confidential and are conducted professionally and tactfully.
    Leatherneck Investigations makes it our goal to obtain the sought out information in an inconspicuous manner or covertly.  It is important to know that documented cases of infidelity could assist you in a more positive divorce settlement.  Please call for a free confidential consultation and learn more about this service.

    We utilize the latest technology in our surveillance services.  Not only do we customize the investigative strategy to meet your specific situation but we also utilize the specialized digital cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment to assist us in obtaining and documenting facts.  Regardless of an unsuccessful prior investigation attempt by another company, we are confident that we can successfully gather the evidence that the others could not.  Even in the most difficult of situations we can innovatively provide a solution!